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  • What causes a loss of appetite?

    Anyone can experience a loss of appetite and for many different reasons. People may have less of a desire to eat, lose interest in food, or feel nausea at the idea of eating.

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  • Links between eating red meat and distal colon cancer in women

    A new study suggests that a diet free from red meat significantly reduces the risk of a type of colon cancer in women living in the United Kingdom. When comparing the effects of certain diets to cancer development in specific subsites of the colon, scientists found that those regularly eating red meat compared to a red meat-free diet had higher rates of distal colon cancer -- cancer found on the descending section of the colon, where faeces is stored.

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  • IBS patients obtain robust, enduring relief from home-based treatment program

    In the largest federally funded non-drug clinical trial for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), patients with the most severe and persistent symptoms achieved robust and sustained relief by learning to control symptoms with minimal clinician contact.

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  • Elipse Capsule Gastric Balloon

    The Elipse capsule gastric balloon is made of a thin, flexible polymer film and is ingested as a capsule without the need for surgery. The balloon is filled once it reaches a patient’s stomach to reduce hunger, and passes naturally through the GI tract after 4 months.

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  • Preventing colon polyps: Another reason to lose those holiday pounds

    Being over ideal body weight has known risks with respect to heart and blood pressure problems, but the list is growing. Now researchers have studied nearly 3000 patients undergoing routine physicals over a 6-year period, and found a link between weight and colon polyps.

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